DeFi is the next generation of finance. It utilizes open-source software and composable elements to build global and inclusive financial markets open to anyone.

$24 billion

Total Value Locked

DeFi is a fast-growing market with $24 billion worth of assets.



No weekends, no holidays. Use DeFi whenever you want, with reliable settlement in seconds.


Daily volume

Permissionless access fosters financial activity on decentralized applications.

The problem

In the current financial system, even a simple bank account can be seen as a massive privilege. A vast amount of people worldwide still has limited access to a bank. According to the World Bank, around 1.7 billion adults globally are unbanked.

Limited opportunities

People may have access to their national banking system but may still lack the opportunities others enjoy. For example, they might not have the option to hold their income in a stable currency like the US Dollar and live in constant risk of inflation.

  • Limited by design

No access to advanced financial instrument

The more advanced financial instruments are available only to a small number of individuals.

  • Non-inclusive

Intermediaries make the rules

The legacy financial system is characterized by many intermediaries who decide on who can participate. They charge fees for their services, increasing costs for consumers and introducing delays.

This centralized design impacts every bank customer and market participant.

Financial institutions are often highly regulated and become quasi-monopolies due to high barriers of entry.
They can exercise their power in the market, increasing costs for consumers and providing sub-par customer service, and carrying risk of asset seizure and data leaks.

  • Single point of failure
  • High costs
  • Time inefficient

“With the implementation of KYC/AML, it has become
increasingly difficult to have an efficient payments system.
Many banks have retired from the business, for example,
of handling remittances, which are a very important
source of income for many emerging markets.”
Guillermo Ortiz

The solution

DeFi removes the need for trusted third-parties. It is a permissionless and global system in which anyone can participate. The tasks usually performed by middlemen are now achieved automatically via smart contracts.

Lower costs

Blockchain significantly lowers costs. For example, the fee for a $200 international remittance, the benchmark used by authorities to evaluate cost, is $0.0001 using Fantom’s blockchain, compared to an average of $14 for legacy systems.

  • Inclusive
  • Inexpensive

Faster transactions

Blockchain allows almost instant settlements. In the case of Fantom, transactions are finalized in a couple of seconds compared to the standard 3 days of legacy systems.

  • Instant transactions

No single point of failure

Users have custody of their assets with no risk of seizures or centralized hacks.

  • Secure and resilient


The source code is public and developers can build on top of each other’s tech, creating a live and organic ecosystem where everyone can contribute to a larger vision.

  • Building blocks

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